Why Does My Cat Want Me to Watch Her Eat
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Why Does My Cat Want Me to Watch Her Eat?

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It’s the nth day. It is happening again today. Your cat is pawing your leg to watch her eat. But, why does my cat want me to watch her eat? Have this question crossed your mind? Well, here’s why!

Cats are mostly lost while eating. Their sole concentration is on food and enjoying every bite of it. That’s why they rely on their caretaker to guard them when they guard down while eating. 

Why? Because they have complete faith in their master that they will protect them against any threat and risk. Isn’t this form of affection adorable?

Cats who are scared of adapting to the new settings due to some incident may require their person at all times, particularly while eating.

When it comes to eating, cats that are loving diners need the company of their owners or loved ones. It’s possible that you’ll have to spoon-feed them at several incidences because of some medical or personal reasons (depression, stress, etc.).

If your kitty refuses to eat, bring her bowl of food into the room and eat it while sitting next to her. Cats trust their owners and are willing to get over any inhibitions or worries in order to eat in peace.

Faith In Their Caretaker
Suppose we ask you to stay alert throughout the day. Whether you are indoors, outside, or even while having your meal, you must remain attentive. Will you be able to do so? Perhaps not. You won’t be able to eat to take a single bite with peace.
The same goes with your cat.

They have strong instincts and are constantly aware of their environment, preferring to be near to their owners.

When they eat, they are the only ones who let go of their consciousness. They are pretty defenseless while eating and require the company of their human companion. When your cat avoids consuming food while you’re away, it’s usually seen as a sign of trust, affection, and loyalty.
Even when your kitty is in a vulnerable situation, it will have complete faith in you. It believes that you would always protect it, especially while it is eating.

Your cat relies on you to keep an eye on your surroundings so it can eat in peace. As a result, your cat wants you to keep an eye on her while she eats.

A Quintessential Habit

During their newborn stage, like human babies, they develop certain habits that can be difficult to break as they get older.Some babies, for example, develop the habit of sucking their thumbs as they grow older and continue to do so. S

imilarly, attachment eating is a habit that kittens learn while they are young.

When a cat is small and timid, most pet parents feed their baby cats with injections or by spoon-feeding technique. It is practiced thoroughly because small cats are unable to feed on their own.

Thus, a lot of care and attention is necessary to foster a healthy kitten. Anything that is practiced for long becomes a habit. Similarly, feeding a kitten in your lap might have become its habit. And that’s why it is quite impossible for your cat to eat without your presence.

Rooting From Fright

Even if your feline did not start the practice of friendly dining as a baby, she might do so as an adult. This can occur as a result of a terror or shock occurrence that happened while your kitty was eating or in other circumstances.

Cats are vulnerable pets, and even a minor occurrence can significantly influence them, making them fear being alone.
Your feline can see you and sticks close to you throughout the day. But that isn’t always the case.

She fails to notice you since she is preoccupied with her meal. This could cause panic or a fear of being alone.

All in all, your kitty will constantly seek reassurance that its beloved human is there for it even when it dines.


Certain cat behaviors or activities may appear unusual to us as people, but they always have a more profound significance that we cannot always discern. They can, for example, meow when someone coughs.

However, it does not make sense all of the time. It is because psychology of humans and cats is vastly different.

To conclude with, these were the most common reasons for your question: Why does my cat want me to watch her eat. So, just in case your cat insists you watch her today once again, you now know what does it implies.


Is It okay If My Cat Watches Me Eat?

It would be best if you did not keep your cat from seeing you eat. Cats are staring at you as you eat, unlikely to cause you any harm, so you don’t have to keep them away.

Why Is My Cat Looking Straight Into My Eyes?

Staring is a non-verbal cue for cats used for communicating with others. Even if a long, unblinking look isn’t the ideal approach for humans to express affection, it’s possible that when your pet does it, they’re expressing love for their favorite owner.

Should I Return My Cat’s Stare?

You should not return your cat’s stare. Cats interpret staring as an indication of aggressiveness. Staring at a kitty can cause them to become afraid, furious, and distrustful. 

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