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When Do Siamese Cats Stop Changing Color? Ultimate Fact Guide

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One of the most popular cat breed to have is the Siamese cat. So what are Siamese cats? How do they look like? and Importantly When Do Siamese Cats Stop Changing Color?

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As the name implies, Siamese cats come from Siam. So where is Siam? Siam is located in Southeast Asia and is more commonly known as Thailand.

Physical Appearance of Siamese Cats

As you can see above, Siamese felines have beautiful blue eyes on their chiselled, almost triangular-like face. Their ears are large and pointy and they look elegant and slender. This is further supplemented by their long body parts- such as neck, legs and tail.

Do all Siamese have blue eyes?

When Do Siamese Cats Stop Changing Color?  

There are 4 distinct types of Siamese felines, based on their colors.

  • Seal Point: Fawn body with dark markings
  • Lilac Point: Pinkish grey marking with white body
  • Chocolate Point: Cream body with pale brown markings
  •  Blue Point: White body accompanied by grey markings, subtle hint of blue present

Siamese felines generally have no control over their unique set of features. The changing color of the Siamese cats is definitely one of the most exciting things to watch. The coloration happens when they are kittens, and they continue to do so till they are one year old.

So why do these cats have clear, distinctive markings on parts of its body? This is due to the Himalayan gene they possess. This gene controls the pigmentation of their bodies.

Other Colors of Siamese Cats

There are many other variations of Siamese Cats. These are not considered pure as they have been cross bred with other cats. They are the Lynx, Tabby or Tortoise-shell, just to name a few. There have been debates as to whether these new cross breeds are considered as Siamese felines. They are, as long as they have Siamese genes in them. However, they cannot be considered as original or pure Siamese cats.

Don’t be surprised if the baby Siamese felines look mainly white. The color begins to develop only after a week and a half. The color development will progress as they get older.

Are all Siamese cross-eyed? They used to be, but not now. After selective breeding, almost all are not cross-eyed. If you fancy one which is cross-eyed, try to source for Thai Siamese. You might just be really lucky to have one.

Do all Siamese have blue eyes?
Do all Siamese have blue eyes?

Size of Siamese Cats

Reaches a maximum of medium size, around 12-15 inches in height. In addition, Adult Siamese felines are generally heavier, weighing up to 14 pounds.

Guide to Caring for Your Siamese Cats

Diet- What can you feed Siamese cats? Which food do you avoid? How often do we feed them?

When we have brought home a new pet, especially when we are novice pet owners, we tend to get overexcited at the thought of giving our pets a good life. We would usually show our love by feeding them, to the point that we do not realise that we have overfed them.

It is important for us to know about what food is best and what to avoid giving our Siamese felines to ensure that they lead a healthy life.

What are the popular choice of food among Siamese cat owners? Siamese cats should be fed a mixture of dry and wet food. Fresh food is also included to enhance their diet. Cooked ham, turkey and chicken are very popular and well-liked by Siamese felines.

Prepping food for your cat sounds a hassle? You may opt for these commercial ones instead.

Best Dry Food for Adult Siamese Cats

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Siamese dry cat food

A popular choice among Siamese cat owners, these kibble are safe and specially formulated for Siamese felines.

Nutro Max Indoor Cat Adult Dry Cat Food

Reviews don’t lie, therefore this is definitely a top choice of dry food for your Siamese cats.

Best Wet Food for Adult Siamese Cats

Blue Buffalo Blue Healthy Gourmet Wet Cat Food

A popular choice among owners, this brand is well-liked as it comes in a variety of taste to make meal time more appealing to your cats.

Wellness Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food

A can of these includes lean meats and healthy fats. No wheat, corn or soy is included. Preservative-free and promotes healthy skin and coat, good digestion and strong teeth and healthy eyes.

Can Siamese cats eat fruits and vegetables? As treats, yes. In actual fact, they do not need fruits and vegetables as they are carnivores.

Also ensure that your Siamese access to fresh drinking water every single day. Siamese is a very active creature therefore do not be surprised if it if often thirsty.

Temperament of Siamese Cats

Have kids at home? Dogs? Not to worry, Siamese felines are sociable and friendly. They are very close to their owners and get along well with everyone.

Siamese cats require committed owners so make sure that you do not leave them alone for too long. These cats are recommended for households that are generally ‘busy’, with a human present almost all of the time. Fret not as you can get a pet sitter or drop it off at a neighbor’s house if you are not going to be home for many hours.

Are Siamese cats aggressive?

Can I cuddle my Siamese cat? Yes, absolutely. They are great cuddlers. They love to be with their owners and would often be found in bed or on the owner’s lap.

Believe it or not, Siamese felines are a chatty bunch too. Talk to them, call them by their names and see how they respond.

Siamese Cats Health Issues & Life Expectancy

–        Hip Dysplasia

–        Progressive Retinal Atrophy

–        Systemic Amyloidosis

–        Asthma

Many health issues cannot be avoided. Some can go undetected. Always schedule for regular appointment with your vets. The life expectancy of a Siamese is generally around 15-20 years.

Grooming of Siamese Cats

How do I groom my Siamese? Do they need frequent grooming? Will I have time for them?

If you find yourself asking these questions, you are a responsible pet owner. Generally, Siamese do not shed too much. Brushing is required weekly to keep its coat shiny and healthy. However, do not overdo this. It is recommended for you to wet your fingers and run through its coat gently.

Weekly cleanup of its ears is encouraged too. Do not be overzealous and probe too much into its ears. Just use some moist cotton pads to slowly and gently clean the Siamese ears. While doing so, look out for signs of redness or discharge. You might just discover some infection there.


Based on what that had been discussed above, it is important for us to not get a cat on impulse. Read more guides and gain knowledge about cats (or the particular one you are eyeing) before adopting or purchasing them.

Siamese is a popular cat, very loyal and friendly. Its cuteness and unique voice will certainly make you love it even more.

However, get a Siamese only when you are ready and prepared for it. Here are some other fun facts about Siamese felines.

Fun Facts about Siamese Cats

1. Siamese usually lives until 20 years of age. The oldest Siamese alive is Scooter the Siamese who lived until 30 and is recognized by the Guiness Book of Records

2. They are vocal and have a loud, low-pitched voice

3. Siamese is one of the oldest recognized cat breeds

4. Unlike other cats, Siamese cats love having a good time playing with water.

5. Siamese cats are loved by famous people. To state, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor had owned Siamese before.

6. All Siamese cats have blue eyes.

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about Siamese Cats below. These informations are good to have.

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FAQs on Siamese Cats

–        How much do Siamese cats cost?

Siamese cats are costly. An adult which is purebred typically costs more than USD1000. Expect to pay more than USD300 for a kitten.

–        Do siamese cat shed?

Yes, but not much. Their coat is short and they do shed but not noticeable.

–        Where is siamese cat from?

This breed of domesticated cat originated from Thailand, which was known as Siam back then.

–        What is a siamese cat?

A domesticated cat from Thailand, friendly and chatty in nature, the Siamese cat is a very popular choice among pet owners.

–        Are siamese cats smart?

A very intelligent species of cats, some owners are even able to train them to do simple tricks!

–        Are siamese cats rare?

Generally considered rare and unique. They are so precious and highly respected as they had served the King of Siam.

–        Do siamese cats like water?

A surprising fact is that they love water! Not to the extent of swimming though.

–        Are siamese cats cross eyed?

The ‘original’ ones, yes. However through selective breeding, they do not have cross eyes anymore.

–        Are siamese cats aggressive?

They can bite at times, their aggressiveness may appear if they do not have enough activities or simulation.

–        Do siamese cats change color?

Almost pure white when siamese kittens are born, their distinctive dark patches develop as they get older.

–        Do siamese felines get along with dogs?

Depends on the dog. Siamese are known to be friendly and sociable.

–        Why are siamese cats so vocal?

Being smart and inquisitive, they are a vocal breed of cats.

–        Why are siamese cats mean?

Could it be due to the fact that they were highly regarded in the past? No, it could be that they possess a higher level of intelligence as compared to other cats, making them appear mean at times.

–        When do siamese cats stop growing?

They will reach adult size at around two. As they grow older, the patches get darker.

–       Are siamese cats affectionate?

Yes, these creatures are lovable and affectionate. They do require a lot of attention.

–        Are siamese cats expensive?

Compared to other cats, yes they are! Depending on a few factors such as their type and age.

–        Why do siamese cats talk so much?

They are great talkers due to their high intelligence.

–        What do siamese cats eat?

As with all cats, they are carnivores. They require to be fed with dry and wet food, as well as the occasional treat.

–        Are siamese cats good pets?

Definitely, however they require a lot of attention from their owners.

–        How much do siamese cats weigh?

An adult male Siamese cat can reach a weight of 14 lb.

–        Do siamese cats meow a lot?

Yes, they do. They meow a lot in a loud but low-pitched voice.

–        Do siamese cats shed a lot?

Not really, not noticeable. Can be considered easy to groom.

–        Is siamese cat hypoallergenic?

Yes, they make incredible pets for someone with allergies. They are hypoallergenic as claimed by PetMD.

–        Do siamese felines like to be held?

Yes, not only held, they welcome cuddles too.

–        When do siamese cats stop changing their color?

Very apparent transition from kitten to adult. Their patches get darker as they age.

–        Do siamese felines make good pets?

Yes, we would recommend them. Do read our guide thoroughly as cats require a lot of commitment.

–        How many types of siamese cats are there?

Many. Depends on their breeding.

–        When do siamese cats get their color?

Do not be surprised if your kitten is white. They will only develop dark patches after 6 months.

–        How long siamese cats live?

15 to 20 years of commitment and love from their owners.

–        What does a siamese cat sound like?

–        Can siamese felines go outside?

Some owners do bring them on walks. Indoor simulation with toys and activities is enough though.

–        What do siamese cats like to do?

Bond with their owners, getting rewarded with treats, cuddles, learning simple tricks and cat toys.

–       How are siamese felines different?

They have blue eyes and really big and pointy ears!

–        Why siamese cats are the best for owners?

There are many answers to this. They are hypoallergenic, friendly, loyal, playful, energetic, cuddly.

They require not much maintenance as they do not shed much and have distinct purr and blue eyes.

–        What to name siamese cat?

A Siamese sounds perfect with a Thai name. Popular and cute names include Ploy, Fern and Noon (female) and Nattapong, Nut and Benz (male).

Other names worth mentioning are Si (The Lady in the Tramp), Sagwa (Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat) and Tao (The Incredible Journey).

–       Can siamese cats be left alone?

No, not for a long period of time. They require great care and attention.






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