What Do Cats Dream About?

What Do Cats Dream About? Interesting Facts

What do cats dream about? Well, this is a tough question to answer. Most of the answers are based on assumptions.

Why is my cat twitching? Common questions asked by many cat parents. Well, cat twitching behavior while sleeping is a clear indication that your feline friend is dreaming.

Cats tend to spend most of their time sleeping and during this time they enjoy pleasant dreams. But knowing what your furry friend is dreaming about can be quite hard.

The mental activity of felines is quite similar to that of other mammals and dreaming is a common thing.

In this article, you will get to explore more about what cats dream about while sleeping and if they tend to have nightmares.

What Do Cats Dream About?

Do Cats Dream In Color?

The eyes of felines have colored vision and they are able to differentiate between different colors just like humans.

However, it is quite hard to determine whether cats dream in color but since they have a color vision then they do dream in colors.

There is a lot of assumptions behind this question but we recommend you consult an animal behavioral expert for further details.

The feature tends to vary from one feline to another and this is the reason why it will take more time to prove if cats dream in color.

What Do Cats Dream About?

According to research, cats normally sleep for long hours when compared to human beings. Well, a sound nap tends to be accompanied by a pleasant dream.

Here are some of the proven dreams that felines tend to dream about while having a nap on the sofa. They include:

Aggressively Hunting

According to a study, cats tend to experience rapid eye movement while sleeping and this is the exact period when dreaming occurs.

During rapid eye movement, the heart rate and breathing tend to get faster. The research shows that the cat dream of being seriously hunting.

Dreaming about the Owner

Human beings tend to dream more about their everyday lives and the same thing applies to felines. If the owner plays a lot with their furballs then they are likely to dream more about them.

Unfortunately, felines dream of ways on how to annoy their owners than pleasing them. This is quite interesting after they have woken up from a deep sleep.

Dreaming and Sleepwalking

When cats are asleep they tend to twitch their paws, tails or sometimes quivering the whiskers. These are some of the clear indications that your feline is dreaming.

Sometimes, they normally wakeup and behavior as if they lack a brain. This is what is called dreaming and sleepwalking.

Avoiding Threats

Cucumbers normally scare cats so much. So, if you have spent most of the time scaring them with cucumbers then they will automatically dream about avoiding the threat. You will notice your feline jumping up all of a sudden while sleeping.

Do Cats Dream And Have Nightmares?

Naturally, cats do have bad dreams like human beings. This is normally associated with daytime experience.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong to see your feline friend having nightmares while sleeping. But you need to be careful when you notice such cat behavior.

Some of the common signals that your feline friend is having nightmares are sassing and making an uncontrolled movement.

Such cat behavior can trigger your furry friend to scratch or bite the owner. This is why we recommend you try waking up the cat immediately.

Why Does A Cat Twitch While Sleeping?

Twitching behavior in cats is involuntary but it has no significance. The brain of the cat normally sends signals during rapid eye movement which makes the cat experience twitching movement.

Twitching of the paws and tail while sleeping is an indication of dreaming. Sometimes, the feline may quiver the whiskers.

There are a lot of myths associated with cat twitching while not sleeping but this is not real at all. Do not be scared when your furball starts to twitch while sleeping or not.

Final Remarks about Cat Dreaming

As you’ve seen, it is quite normal for cats to dream since this is another way of reorganizing what they have gone through during the day.

Unfortunately, cats normally dream about annoying their owners. But the good news is that they do not hold any grudges at all.

Therefore, when you notice your feline friend meowing or twitching while sleeping, do not wake them up since they are dreaming.

However, if they are sassing and experiencing some serious body movement, try to wake them up. The behavior can make your feline to bite or scratch you suddenly.

All-in-all, I recommend you consult an animal behaviorist to learn more about cat dreaming and how to manage dreaming behaviors.

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