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What are the stages of cat pregnancy?

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Cat owners who owned female cats for the long term already know about the stages of cat pregnancy. Yet, new owners may be wondering how to tell if their cat is pregnant? They may be looking for signs that their cat is pregnant and most likely love to educate themselves about the stages of cat pregnancy.

Seeing your cat gives birth is an emotional connection between you and your cat. There’s nothing more precious witnessing your cat’s first birth. Discover the stages of cat pregnancy and know the signs that they’re pregnant.

When a cat can get pregnant?

A female cat is also known as the queen can easily get pregnant when it is in heat. A queen can get pregnant as early as four months old, even it seems like it’s too much of a kitten. This is also the reason why spaying your pet is recommended to avoid adding unwanted population for your cat.

How long is the pregnancy of cats?

The period of your cat’s pregnancy is very short. It can be as short as 61 days to as long as 72 days. Your queen won’t show any physical signs until she is a few weeks into her term. There are several signs that you need to look forward to knowing if your kitty is pregnant.

How do I know what stage my cat is pregnant?

Excited to know if your cat is pregnant? Do you think it’s the same as humans? Here are some signs you need to check to know if your cat is pregnant:

  • After 15-18 days of pregnancy, your cat’s nipple turns to a pinkish color and large which is also known as pinking-up.
  • Like humans experiencing morning sickness, the pregnant queen may go through the vomiting period and she begins to feel sickly frequently.
  • You may notice too that your queen’s tummy become swell.
  • Your queen’s appetite will increase. In case you’re in doubt of pregnancy and thinking that your cat may be having some kind of worms or illness. Better have a check-up with your veterinarian.
  • Depending on the number of kittens your queen carrying in her tummy, she will experience a gradual increase in weight from 1kg to 2kg.
  • You will notice that your queen will seek extra attention from you, she will purr more, she’s acting more maternal.

Make sure to bring your queen to a veterinary if some signs of pregnancy occur. Some signs may be a symptom of other illnesses, and your vet can confirm to you if your cat is pregnant.

Stages of pregnancy

Now you know the signs that your cat is pregnant, let’s now understand each stage of pregnancy. Let’s learn what’s going on inside her tummy:

Stage 1 – Fertilization (0 to 12th day)

Fertilization takes seven days. This is when your queen’s egg is fertilized in the uterine tube. Then the egg will travel down the oviduct and enter the uterus. It will develop there for 6 days. In the uterus, the egg is covered with special cells implanted by the uterus wall. The cells arrayed together at one end forming the kitten’s embryo while the other parts of the cells from the placenta. The placenta is the connection of the mother cat to the kitten.

Stage 2 – Embryo Development (12th day to 24th day)

This occurs in the third week of pregnancy. This is when the thoracic region and cranium of the embryo develop. Also, the nervous system, heart and vertebral column (spine) develop. At this period too is when the placenta allows the exchange of nutrients and waste products between the embryo and mother queen.

At this period too is when your cat’s nipple starts to get pinkish and embossed. Your cat will gain weight and increased her appetite for food intake.

Stage 3 – Fetus Development (24th to the day of birth)

After 4 weeks the first trimester is over and the organic structures are developed. From this moment on until birth, organs and other parts of the kitten will continue to develop. At this period too when your queen increases its appetite. She will eat more than before to gain more energy to carry her kittens.

These are the stages of a cat’s pregnancy. When your cat is pregnant, kindly be mindful of not touching your cat’s tummy as it may cause abortion or any damage to the kittens.

How to know if my cat is about to labor?

Now we understand what’s going on to the tummy of our queen during the stages of pregnancy. It’s now time for the most awaited moment. The birth of the kittens. Here are some signs that your queen is about to welcome the arrival of her kittens:

She will be nesting in secluded areas of your house, where she can have privacy.

Increased affection.

She’s going to be clingy too, she will want you to be always around her.

24 hours before giving birth, your queen will excrete milky discharge from her nipples and that means “it’s time” for the kitten to come out.

Usually, when a cat gives birth, they can take care of themselves though there were times that it will seek your additional care. When you feel something is different or wrong in your cat at giving birth, call your veterinarian. It’s also a bright idea to keep a contact number of the emergency hospital for animals, in case something very wrong happens before and during birth.

After giving birth care

Like humans, cats needed time to recover from their giving birth. The giving birth may take 2-5 hours. Once the kittens are all born, let your queen take its time to clean and feed her kittens. If the kitten hasn’t fed after an hour from being born, handle them to the mother cat and train them to suck milk. If there are more kitties versus the number of breasts, you can help the kitten to take turns, until they learn to share. Lastly, if you have observed that your cat won’t care for its kittens after giving birth, seek your veterinarian advice on how to help your cat and the kittens.

Have you seen your cat giving birth? How’s your experience?

Check out this video. What are the stages of cat pregnancy?

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