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Sleeping Music For Cats – 7 Best Sounds To Use

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Looking for sleeping music for cats?

Cats are loving and caring animals. They are very intelligent creatures and affectionate. They have the magical wonder of being the best home buddy and best friend. Being said, most of the time we love to prioritized our cats’ lives. We would love to keep safe and warm. Then there are people with a big heart, that will love to adopt one and give one a home. That is why cat lovers look for an animal shelter for cats that can help them adopt one.

Even it’s a painful act for owners, some of them needed to put their cats in an animal shelter for cats because of their health issues. This is the worst scenario that most of us cat owners find hard to bear. Getting separated from the beloved cat that you took a lot of care and given so much love.

Lastly, some owners look for a temporary place for their cats to stay while being on a holiday, building works or moving houses. There are some animal shelters for cats that accommodate a very short stay for your lovely kitty.


A cattery is a place where cats are housed commercially. Catteries have two different varieties. First is boarding catteries and the second is breeding catteries.

Boarding Catteries

If you’re someone that works and requires to travel most of the time, it’s a hassle for you to keep on asking a neighbor or a friend to look after your cat at your home.

It may be awkward for you to allow strangers to come into your house to look after your cat. Otherwise, you find it hard to look for a hotel that allows cats in their place. Then a boarding cattery is a good choice for you.

Some cat owners who move houses choose to board their cat in a boarding cattery. Those cat owners that are confined in a hospital and got no one to look after their cats preferred to sign in their cats in a cattery.

Boarding catteries are required to be licensed by their local authority. This is to ensure that the boarding cattery is meeting the condition and expected proper care of our lovely kitties. Some of the guidelines that your kitty is in a good place of care are:

  • Boarding cattery will keep in accommodation your cat in terms of the size of quarters, number of occupants, gym, temperature balance, lighting balance, ventilation, and cleanliness.
  • The boarding cattery should be providing the cat with suitable bedding, proper food, drink, program exercises and learning stimulation, lastly, respective visiting hours and area.
  • The boarding cattery is also responsible to take care of the prevention and control of the spread of any viral or infectious disease between cats. A proper quarantine facility for the infected cat should be present.
  • The boarding cattery must have appropriate steps to protect the cats in terms of an emergency like a fire, crisis, and natural phenomena.
  • Lastly, the boarding cattery should be releasing proper documentation of which set as evidence that your cat is received by the establishment.

Breeding Cattery

A breeding cattery is a cat house where cats are bred as a hobby or commercially. These types of cat houses are legally guided by The International Cat Association (TICA) and Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Breeding cattery owners usually focus on certain breeds. They do focus to give the cats their required needs.

Adoption and rescue shelters

While some of us find that cattery is helpful especially those who need assistance in taking care of their kitty, other smart cat lovers love to save and give a new kitty a new home.

As a cat pet lover, you’re wondering where you can adopt the cat that needs your love and care. These are what they call shelter and rescue.

A shelter is a public place like city or country animal shelters, animal control, health departments. Though there are some private shelters too that conducts adoption for a lovely kitty. A pound is a place where stray or feral cats, lost, abandoned and surrendered cats are kept and rehabilitated.

Then there’s a specialized cat shelter. A specialized cat shelter housed cats whose owners have passed away, cats that are aging and would need extra attention for care, and cats with special needs such as disabilities. Specialized cat shelter is breed-specific

Each facility sets its guidelines and procedures, and fees in adopting a cat.These guidelines must be observed and strictly followed for the wellness of a beloved kitty.

If you’re planning to adopt one, that is such a bright idea. Bringing a kitty into your place and making a home for it. If you would love to know if you’re ready to become a cat parent, you need to ask the following questions to yourself:

  1. m I financially ready? Though cats are low maintenance, they still need food, learning activities and check-ups.
  2. Am I responsible enough to do the feeding of my cat, cleaning the cat litter, and grooming it?
  3. Is my place ready to keep a cat indoors?
  4. Do I have a too big place or a small place to have a kitty inside my house?
  5. Are there babies or children living with me that may be harmed or harmed the kitty?

Those are just a few questions that you need to ask if you’re ready to have a cat at home.

If you feel considerate of having one, please that’s the best idea! There are over 27% of smart cat lovers that adopt stray cats in the United States. Imagine these cats to find a home with you, be fed and be filled with a warm love that they’ve been longing for.

Did you have to adopt a cat? How’s your experience in adopting one? Have you gone on a long trip and needed to leave your cat in a boarding cattery? How’s your cat’s experience with it? We would love to hear your experiences, share them at the comment below.

Here’s a video on Sleeping Music For Cats.

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