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Why Is Milk Bad For Cats? Cats And Milk Myth

Why Is Milk Bad For Cats? Mythologically people mention that feeding milk to your kitten can help it grow and it’s healthy for it. We have seen cats in the cartoon television shows that enjoy drinking milk. There are some commercials and cartons advertisements displaying cats enjoying milk. This leads us to a question, is …

can cats eat almonds
Can cats eat

Are Almonds Toxic To Cats? 3 Dangerous Facts

Are Almonds Toxic To Cats? Many cat owners tend to share everything with their feline friends from bed to food and occasional treats. Almonds have great health benefits to humans but are they ok with our furry friends as well? Can cats eat almonds? Many cat parents tend to believe that everything that is healthy …

Are German Shepherds Good with Cats
Cat Behaviour

Are German Shepherds Good with Cats? 5 Surprising Facts

Are german shepherds good with cats? You have seen in some television show that a German Shepherd dog is living with a cat and not fighting. You might have a friend that’s raising a cat and a German Shepherd at the same time. Maybe, you once had a chat with someone having a German Shepherd …

Cat Facts

5 Best Cat Box For Large Cats – Reviews & Comparisons

Looking for the Best Cat Box For Large Cats? Cats – got to love everything about them – except their rancid fecal matter, colloquially termed as “poop”. While cats are generally clean and take pretty good care of themselves hygiene-wise, there is a certain problem with their bathroom routines that bother a lot of owners. …

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up White Foam

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up White Foam? 7 Deadly Reasons…

Why is my cat throwing up white foam? Well, this is one of the horrible chores that many cat owners tend to experience sometimes when living with their feline friends. Cat vomiting white foam is not a normal thing. It is a clear indication that the feline is suffering from a certain underlying issue that …

Eye Problems for Cats

Will Cat Conjunctivitis Go Away By Itself? 3 Common Cat Eye Problems

Will Cat Conjunctivitis Go Away By Itself? When you are communicating with your cat through winks and notice they are rubbing their eyes, they could be suffering from allergies. Vet intervention is required because there could be a more serious problem troubling them. It is better not to underrate them rubbing their eyes for allergies …

can cats eat strawberries
Can cats eat

Can Cats Have Strawberries? Are Cats Allergic To Strawberries?

Can Cats Have Strawberries? Who doesn’t love strawberries? It’s delicious, juicy, enticing with ruby-red colour, and packed full of vitamins and minerals. Leaving the fruit stall empty-handed without some packs of ripe strawberries can be quite challenging. But you curb the urge, bring just one pack home and leave it on the counter, hoping to …

Best Cat Bed For Older Cats
Product Reviews

7 Best Cat Bed for Older Cats – Reviews & Buying Guide

Either one or three of these situations happened to you when buying the best cat bed for older cats: Your senior cat hates the new bed. The bed fails to live up to your expectations. You’re afraid to make the same mistake. We get the feeling. A snug bed is an essential requirement for senior …