Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe for Cats photo

Is Eucalyptus Toxic To Cats – 3 Deadly Reminders

Is Eucalyptus Toxic To Cats? Not at all. Eucalyptus oil is one of the essential oils that is extracted from the eucalyptus plant for fragrance, sweet taste and more. Eucalyptus oil is extracted through cold pressing or distillation just like other essential oils. Other core uses of eucalyptus oil include; making insecticides, used for aromatherapies, …

Can Dogs and Cats Mate
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Can Dogs and Cats Mate? 5 Fun Facts You Must Know!

Can dogs and cats mate? I know you have probably asked yourself this type of question a couple of times. So can a dog make a cat pregnant? Let’s find out. Well, mating dogs and cats are quite impossible. The two pets belong to different species, but they can mate with animals that belong to …

Is Tuna Healthy For Cats
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Is Tuna Healthy For Cats? 5 Surprising Tuna Health Facts

Is Tuna Healthy For Cats? When speaking of tuna, most likely, the first thing that pops into your mind is the canned fish. After all, the canned tuna industry is over a century old now. This saltwater fish actually comes in 15 different species. Still, you’ll probably come across just these four: bluefin, yellowfin, skipjack, …

Can Cats Eat Fried Chicken
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Can Cats Eat Fried Chicken? Top 10 Cat Eating Chicken Facts

Can cats eat fried chicken? Can cats eat chicken breast? We’ll answer all the cat and chicken-related questions today.  Cat parents, do you ever have to sneak into your own house whenever you come home with chicken takeaways? Most likely, the answer is too many times! It seems like your cats can smell chicken from …

Cat Eating Lettuce
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Cat Eating Lettuce – 7 Surprising Facts For All Pet Owners

Have a Cat Eating Lettuce issue? As human beings we enjoy the delicious taste of our leafy salad especially the main ingredients of it lettuce. There’s this day that one of my friend told me that her cat was eating leafy vegetables. I am surprised back then because all I know is that cats only …