sign language for cats
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Sign Language for Cats: Is there such a thing?

There’ll be times in the market that you have encountered a deaf person. Some of us may have parents or grandparents that have degenerative deafness. While some of us have friends that are experiencing deafness. You must have known how hard living with these impairments. Just like us, humans, our cats can go deaf too. It …

Snowshoe Cat Breed
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What Is The Snowshoe Cat Lifespan? 5 Fun Snowshoe Facts

What Is The Snowshoe Cat Lifespan? The snowshoe cat breed originates from the USA dating back to the 1960s. The cat is a crossbreed of a Siamese cat with American short-hair cats. Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty is the initial breeder of the snowshoe cat and she first named this breed silver laces. Snowshoe is a rare cat …

Siamese Cat- All You Need To Know Guide
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When Do Siamese Cats Stop Changing Color? Ultimate Fact Guide

One of the most popular cat breed to have is the Siamese cat. So what are Siamese cats? How do they look like? and Importantly When Do Siamese Cats Stop Changing Color? As the name implies, Siamese cats come from Siam. So where is Siam? Siam is located in Southeast Asia and is more commonly …

can cats eat blueberries
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Can Cats Eat Blueberries? Top 10 Blueberry Facts For All Cats

Blueberries have long been praised as a superfood as they’re one of the nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Sour or sweet, this deep purple, juicy fruit is always craved by health enthusiasts around the world. Blueberries are delicious, thrown on top of yoghurt or in blueberry pancakes, and provide substantial health benefits to humans. But …

melatonin for cats

Is Melatonin Safe for Cats? 3 Safety Tips For Cats Of All Ages

Is Melatonin Safe for Cats? Many people around the world are having issues in their sleeping habits. Most suffer from insomnia which is caused by low levels of melatonin in our body. This is also the reason why doctors give people with insomnia melatonin in order to sleep well. Us human knows how exhausting and grumpy …

are cats ticklish
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Can cats be ticklish? 5 Surprising Places To Make Your Cat Laugh!

Have you ever touched your cat and it seems like they enjoy it? Did it ever happen to that you touched certain body parts of your feline friend and it twitched? After experiencing this probably the question, “Are cats ticklish?” bothered your mind.  Well, it’s not only you who ask this question. I myself tested …