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12 Magical Cat Names – Fun Definitions & Breakdown

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Looking for a magical cat name?

If you are looking to add a feline friend to your family, giving the right name is as important as naming your newborn child. Research has shown that cats respond when you call them by their names and ignores you when you call them by irrelevant names. Choosing a name that is easy to call and meaningful is not easy. I will suggest you some of the meaningful and easy names relevant for cats in this new decade for your inspiration. 

Criteria you can use to name your pet

There are certain criteria you can use while choosing a name for your cat. Character traits and their overall behavior is a factor to consider. Color is another perspective you can take while naming your feline friend. You can also choose the names of their ancestors or grandparents. It is a cool way to remember your past feline pets and bring their memory forward.

Below are unique cat names and their meanings or descriptions of what they stand for or people who had the same names real or fictional. Let’s get started!

10 Magical Cat Name Ideas

1. Ada

It is a short beautiful name for female cats. It has different meanings depending on its origins. It means ornament or adornment, in Hebrew, and first daughter in Igbo a Nigerian language. In German, it means nobility or Nobel. There have been famous people named Ada, for example, Ada Williams who was an American actress, Ada Lovelace an English mathematician and writer, and Ada Brown a blues singer. If you have a charming and lovely female cat and you are looking to give a name, Ada is a perfect one for her, meaningful and easy to call.

2. Aslan

Aslan is the name of the famous lion found in the book of “The Chronicles of Narnia” who proved to be compassionate, wise, and selfless. On the other side of him, he could be fierce in fighting for what is right meaning his inner lion traits isn’t too far beneath. If for a few days you have spent with your cat shows some of these traits, Aslan is the perfect name for your cat.

3. Calamity 

Calamity means disaster. This could be a perfect name for a cat with a rough past. If you adopted a cat whose past was a great misfortune, calamity is the right name for him or her. Calamity Jane was known to be wild but compassionate for those in dire need. If your cat shows such character and was once wildcat before you adopted, I suggest this name.

4. Catarina

Found in the inspirational story “The black cat” by Poe who was considered a literary genius. Catarina is popular for cats because at least it has a “cat” in it making it sound humorous. 

5. Chico

It is a short beautiful and meaningful name which means a boy or a lad in Spanish. It is easy to call and cute to hear. Your cat will love being called Chico. Chico was a nickname for a comedian Leonard Marx who usually tried to con someone of course with the help of his brothers. If your cat seems to exhibit con artistic character traits to get what they want, call them Chico. 

6. Cole

It was originally an English surname but has since been used for the first name. it means charcoal or coal black. It is a short, cute, and easy name for pets. The famous people with the name Cole include; Cole Porter a songwriter or composer and Cole Younger a famous member of the James-Younger gang. Coley is a variation of Cole, and many cat parents love to call their pets that way. 

7. Francis

A classic name for a cat pet or dog named after St. Francis of Assisi who was the patron of animals. It sounds beautiful and easy to call. Many great pets have used this name. 

8. Kaspar

Call you cat Kaspar if it has ever brought good luck to you since you adopted. For example, if you went to stroll with on the mountains or the fields and luckily get some dollars dropped accidentally by someone and they become yours, the cat brought luck to you. Kaspar is the name of a black cat at the Savoy hotel in London believed to join the dining party with any dining group of 13 making it 14 because 13 is a number believed to be unlucky.  

9. Loco 

It is a Spanish name meaning crazy. This name is fit for a playful and energetic cat. If he loves to play around with any member of your family or get along easily with strangers, call her Loco. The name is fun and easy to call and your pet will associate with the name easily.  

10. Wylie 

It is a fun old English name that means crafty and tricky. The name Wylie is an adjective used to mean … wait for it … a great name for cats who are crafty, sly and tricky. If your cat possesses such a cunny character, you might consider gifting them with the name Wylie. It is easy and fun to pronounce. 

11. Ira 

It means watchful in Hebrew. Normally cats are watchful, they love to watch and spy. It can be a great name to give to your cat. It is also easy to spell and short remember. Cats can easily associate with the name. 

12. Beau 

It means handsome or beautiful. Cats who are pretty or handsome deserve to be called by this name. if you think your cat is pretty and beautiful, it is right to call him Beau, as you know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, your cat might be cute in your eyes and not in someone else’s. 


Now that you have seen some of the magical cat name collections with meanings you can give to your newly adopted kitten, amongst the countless names available I personally consider the list above the creamy top. If you think there is still a name that deserves to be on the list, let us know in the comments.

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