How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away
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How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away

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Are you going for an office tour or vacation? Then you must be worried about your cat who won’t accompany you on these trips. So, how to feed cats wet food while away? Let’s check out below.

How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away?

Wet food typically contains 75 percent water, while parched food contains just approximately 10%. If your cat only gets dry food, they’ll have to make up for it by sipping several ounces of water per day. A cup of water per day is required for a 10-pound adult cat eating parched food. 

However, because cats obtain hydration from their food, you may find that your cat drinks less water than is required. Feeding your cat wet food regularly and having clean water access is an excellent method to keep them hydrated.

The wet food is also heavy in protein, which helps your cat’s muscular mass stay strong as it grows. Lean body mass (LBM) is maintained when your cat eats a high-protein diet.

 The LBM is made up of muscles, bones, ligaments, and organs, and it is the primary source of metabolism. This activity promotes essential functions such as mobility, immunity, and others.

Ask Your Acquaintances For Assistance

Leaving your cat alone for a day or two should be no problem with an automated wet food feeder, but what if you have to be away for a more extended period? In that situation, a cat sitter would be the best alternative.

Consider a far less expensive choice for this responsibility before going on the internet searching for a professional cat-sitter. Leaving your pets with a relative familiar with them is a terrific approach to guarantee they are in excellent care.

If a relative or a friend isn’t an option, think about your next-door neighbor. Make sure that this individual is trustworthy and familiar with your pets. Having your neighbor assist you could be a terrific option because they won’t be in your flat for long.

Use Automatic Feeders

This strategy could be the most acceptable pet investment you’ve ever made! An automatic wet food feeder is a novel technique to ensure that your cat is fed at all times of the day. Even if you don’t spend extended periods away from home, this ingenious piece of technology has the potential to liberate your thoughts and help you keep up your to-do list.

How does an automatic food feeder function? Although there are several automatic wet food feeders, they all work by setting the parameters on the device’s internal timer. To keep the stockpiled food fresh, the containers are sealed, and each part is released at a predetermined time.

With an automated wet food feeder, you may divide your cat’s meals into smaller pieces. It has the potential to control your cat’s daily consumption while reducing stress eating and overfeeding.

 If your cat takes prescription medication, you can mix it in with their wet food and put it in the feeder while you’re away. It’s worth mentioning, though, that if you have numerous cats, the automatic cat feeder won’t last more than a day.

Provide Them With A Dry Meal

If you’re leaving town or will be gone for more than ten hours, you should give as much dry food as possible, especially on days when you won’t be around to your cat.

Dry food lasts longer and is much easier to portion up while you’re away.

If your cat refuses to eat dry food, there are techniques to persuade them otherwise. Switching foods abruptly is never a wise strategy; instead, take it slowly and patiently. Combining dry and moist foods is a good idea. 

Every day, gradually increase the dry food portions while decreasing the wet food portions. Once your cat has become accustomed to dry food, you can switch to wet food as their first and last meals of the day.

Some cats may never totally adapt to dry food, although they may become tolerant. Once your cat is used to dry food, serve them their favorite cat food before you leave and leave a dish of dry food out for them to eat while you’re gone. Even if your cat doesn’t get all the way in, they’ll have something to gnaw on in between naps.


So now you know how to feed cats wet food while away. But, there is an ending note we would like to give.

As cat parents, we must explore all options for keeping our felines happy, including when we are not around. 

Even when it comes to maintaining their wet food fresh, there are answers to every difficulty. Whether finding the best automated wet food feeder or hiring a cat babysitter, cats are forgiving friends that don’t mind if we take care of their requirements highly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay If I Give My Cat Wet Food, Which Is Kept Out All Day?

Even if your cat loves to eat their food in a few sittings, don’t leave wet food out all day because it raises the danger of disease-causing bacteria forming. Remove the old food and thoroughly wash the dish after a maximum of four hours.

Is It Okay If I Give My Cat Chilled Food?

Cold food straight from the refrigerator does not appeal to cats. They like their food to be served at room temperature, as this is closer to their body temperature and the temperature of new prey.

Is It True That Wet Cat Food Cause Loose Stools?

If your kitten is not eating correctly, you can add a few things to its diet with the canned food. Remember, too much canned food can lead to diarrhea and severe dehydration; hence serve mindfully.

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