How Often Do Cats Go Into Heat
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How Many Times A Year Does A Cat Go Into Heat? 7 Main Facts

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How Many Times A Year Does A Cat Go Into Heat? Well, this is a funny question but it is worth to have an insight especially if your feline friend is not spayed.

According to veterinarian research, cats tend to go into heat more frequent when compared to dogs. The behavior happens once the feline hits the puberty stage in their life.

However, the exact age of hitting puberty tends to vary according to the cat breeds. Some cats like Siamese reach puberty as young as four months.

In this article, you’re going to learn how often do cats go in heat in a year or a month. Take your time to read through the post and get detail insight about a cat going into heat.

How Often Does A Cat Go Into Heat?

At puberty, the level of estrogen in female cats increase and this forces her to go into heat for about a week.

The cycle tends to occur every two or three weeks and this implies that they will go into heat every month.

You’ll notice the female cat having a small amount of vaginal discharge and sometimes maybe bloody. Therefore, do not get worried about it.

According to research, cats normally breed during spring and summer then give birth about 65 days after conception.

The most wonderful thing is that they do go back into heat one week or one month after delivery. This is the reason why spaying both female and male cats are important.

Furthermore, you can read our guide on how to care for a pregnant cat and learn tips about the best cat food for a nursing cat.

Do Cats Stay In Heat After Mating?

How Often Do Cats Go Into Heat

Female cats reach puberty between four months to ten months and during this period they tend to experience Oestrus cycles.

Cats are polyoestrus species which means that they can go into heat several times in a year. Therefore, female cats will remain in heat until they mate and become pregnant.

During mating season, female cats tend to go crazy with meowing and one can think they are sick but not.

On the other hand, male cats do not stay in the heat after mating and it normally reoccurs after a few days.

However, if your feline is yowling too much then you need to consult your vet for examination and treatment.

Meanwhile, you can read our article about the reasons why cats yowl or meow so much at night for more insight.

How Long Does A Cat Stay In Heat?

According to a study, female cats stay in heat for about four to seven days. Sometimes, the heat might last for about a day or three weeks.

This is the reason why many vets recommend spaying your feline since unsprayed cats normally go into heat multiple times in a year.

If you have recently adopted a feral female cat, it is advisable to take her for a pregnancy test before thinking about spaying.

According to research, spaying help to prevent the drama caused by female cats while on heat. This will help you have a peaceful night throughout your life with the feline friend.

How Often Do Cats Go Into Heat In A Year?

According to veterinarian research, cats are seasonal polyestrous which implies that they go into heat multiple times in a year.

Going into heat tends to happen every three months, more or less and the heat lasts for about 1-2 weeks on average.

During the spring and fall season, unsprayed female cats normally go in heat several times. The heat can take longer or shorter depending on the breed of the cat.

Once the feline mate and become pregnant, the heat disappears until after delivery. During this period, you’ll be required to take good care of the pregnant cat.

How Can I Tell If My Cat Is In Heat?

Unspayed female cats are ever fertile throughout their lifespan. There is frequent hormonal changes that tend to prepare them for breeding.

Sometimes, telling if a cat is in heat can be quite difficult. However, here are some of the signs to monitor in your female feline.

Display Affection

Days before the estrus circle, your female cat will start showing some affectionate to everything around her. This is a clear indication that she is on heat.

Excessive Grooming

You will notice that your feline friend spending most of the time licking the genital area. The good news is that cats do not bleed while on heat, unlike human beings.

Sometimes, frequent genital grooming is a sign of urinary tract disorder and it is advisable to consult your vet.

Mating Call and Position

Female cats tend to be vocal while in heat and this normally stops once they mate. Without mating, she might start assuming mating positions with the aim of exposing the perineum.

Loss of Appetite

Cats in heat tend to shift their mind to reproduction and this will result in a noticeable decrease in appetite. The cat behavior will last for a couple of two weeks. If the behavior continues then consult your vet.

Marking Her Territory

Male cats in heat have the reputation of spraying urine vertically at their surrounding and this normally signifies that they are pregnant.

Female cats will quiver their tails and they might look like in distress. These are normal behavior hence do not be alarmed.

Note: You can read one of our articles about reasons why cats normally spray and various ways on how to curb the behavior.

Can You Fix A Cat In Heat?

Cats on heat can be a nuisance and spaying is the best method for preventing cat being in heat. Many vets prefer to spay cats after heat but this can still be done while cats are in heat.

Spaying involves the removal of the uterus, fallopian tube, and ovaries. These are regions where hormones that trigger mating need are manufactured.

Once the cat is spayed then there is no chance of being in the heat or giving birth. The process should only be done by a professional vet since it involves surgery.

Is Going Into Heat Painful For Cats?

Cats in heat tend to be uncomfortable and this is the reason why many become restless as well as yowling throughout the night.

According to veterinarian research, going into heat is never painful despite all the signs of being uncomfortable.

The uncomfortable behavior in an unspayed cat should not raise alarm since this is typically normal.

Do Cats Go Into Heat In The Winter?

Cats are seasonal breeders and this implies that they normally mate during a specific season of the year.

According to research, cats usually mate during spring and autumn only. This is the season when breed.

During winter, cats do not breed whosever since outdoor activities are limited due to weather. The weather is normally very cold and many cats prefer to be indoor.

Final Thoughts

Now, how often do cats go into heat is very clear. Therefore, do not be alarmed when you start noticing funny behavior from your feline during the mating season.

However, we do recommend spaying felines since this will prevent several behavioral changes from occurring.

Always consult your vet about the right time to spay the cat and get to know things to consider before opting for the option.

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