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Cat Yawning Meaning – 5 Surprising Facts

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Whats the best Cat Yawning Meaning? Ever caught your cat yawning? Definitely! Cats are similar to humans; they do yawn too. They yawn more frequently than humans. Is there a reason to it?

Cat Yawning Meaning

As you read this article, I know that you yawn as well, aren’t you? Literally, a yawn is uncontrolled action of a human or an animal where the mouth is widely opened while the lungs absorb a lot of oxygen into the blood and removing carbon dioxide out from the blood. Before or after sleeping, yawning usually takes place. It is a symbol of being fatigued or exhausted from daily works or waiting for something.

Why Do Cats Yawn?

Like other animals, cats do yawn too. I don’t know if animals do yawn contagiously, unlike humans if one of your friends yawned in front of you, it’s expected that in minutes or a couple of seconds, you will yawn too. To understand more, yawn to animals and humans is happening without being intended or in short it an involuntary movement.


I asked an old man neighbor here, ‘why do cats yawn?’ He told me that, “because of the sleepless night looking for live food like small rats”. Cats here in our country eat only leftover foods that’s why they are looking for more food to eat. Scientifically, there are few potential reasons why cats yawn.

Scientific reason #1, cats yawn in order to stay vigilant– comparable to humans, when they are drowsy and their foods were not served yet, the cats yawn to stay awake or to reinstate their brain. 

Scientific reason #2, cats may slightly yawn because of feeling bored while sitting or waiting for something like food. 

Humans and cats do the same. When weariness strikes, it’s tough to be lively. 

Scientific reason #3, feline yawns in order to absorb fresher air. In a single consumption of air, a larger quantity of air/ oxygen may come in into the body, and carbon dioxide comes out. Scientific reason #4, felines yawn just to extend their interaction or to reach out to humans or other cats.

What Does it Mean When Cat is Yawning?

By means of yawning and stretching, it’s a cat’s message to everybody who expresses how amazingly happy they are. Like curving their backbone, lengthening their legs, throwing their head backward accompanied with a yawn signify that they are satisfied. 

The Importance of Cat Yawning

To those time when the cat gets tired or feel sleepy, obviously, the cat’s body has less oxygen, therefore, the breathing of a cat also decreases. Yawning aids by bringing fresher air into the body over the blood while removing carbon dioxide away from the blood.

The Meaning of Cat’s Meow When Yawning?

When a cat says meow when yawning, it’s a technique of getting attention to the owner. It’s an approach of saying hello or the cat desires food, a play or a cuddle. If the cat says meow with a yawn, it means they need help. So, just pay attention to them.

Is Cat Yawning Something to Worry About?

Of course, Yes! Like humans, cats yawn stimulates in cooling down their brain and the entire body of a cat wants to forewarn too. It also helps in expanding their lungs and tissues. The muscles, as well as the seam of the cat’s body, will be tightened. One more reason is to escalate watchfulness.

Why Do Cats Yawn So Much?

The cat is similar to dogs and humans, there are times that they yawn so much. Here are the four reasons why do cats yawn so much, first, to calm their brain, the second is the transformative residual outside of ancient days or a manifestation of control, the next reason is weary and the last one is disinterested.

What are the Different Yawns of a Cat?

I thought only humans have the sign language to communicate with other people but the cat has too. There are several yawns of a cat that serves as the means of connection to humans that need to pay attention with such as oral pain, too much yawning, resting or recovering, stress alleviation, sensitivity, and the last one is yawns accompanied by muscle’s lengthening. 

To explain more, if you notice that your cat is powerless or weakened, and they don’t want to be disturbed, you should try to look into their mouth. Maybe there is a lump on the throat. You should call the veterinarian for your cat’s checkup. Next is when you see your cat yawning too much, it is a sign that your cat is not feeling well. 

What will you do? You can observe 2 to 3 days but if these symptoms prolong, it’s time to consult a Veterinarian. One more thing is when notice your cat has a relaxed yawn with a half-closed eye, it means that he is delighted with his environment or neighbor.

There’s one more, the stress relief or stress alleviation of the cat. If the cat hears an unexpected loud sound, his reaction is just to yawn with circle eyes while relieving the stress he heard. Have you observed when your cat is sleeping and you caress him, his reaction is that it just yawns? 

Cat Yawning Meaning? Generally, if a cat yawns, do not be alarmed if they are not accompanied by other symptoms.

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