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Can Cats Taste Spicy? Can Cats Eat Spicy Food?

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In this article, let’s discover the answer to the question, “can cats taste spicy?” “can cats taste spicy without having the burning sensation?”.

Every now and then we enjoy a piece of jalapeno in our burger. While others prefer to give their food with a spicy treat of hot sauce. Spicy food is usually complemented with a form of meat. Mostly, spicy food is cooked with turkey, chicken, beef, and other forms of meat.

Our lovely felines are carnivores and they love meat. Have you ever wondered what happens if you add a small amount of hot sauce to their food? Can cats taste spicy food? How would a cat react with spicy food? Do they also experience the burning hot taste of it?

Spicy flavor

Adding spicy flavor to our food makes it tastier and flavorful. But what’s with all these spicy flavorings that most of us continue to adore as savor. Spicy foods such as chili pepper are added to food isn’t just for additional flavor but to create or add heat to the dish. Chili peppers have an active component called capsaicin. Capsaicin is an irritant for animals and humans that produces a burning sensation to any tissues that contacted the plant.

Can cats taste spicy?

Now we know what chili or spicy food has that produces the burning sensation. If you’re wondering now if cats can taste spicy, the answer is YES. When your cat eats spicy food, s/he will have the burning sensation inside his or her mouth which makes her run for her water. Sometimes, taking spicy food for them is traumatic causing them to remember and avoid spicy food. However, cats have the cattitude of wanting not to miss out especially if s/he sees you enjoying that flavorful meal. So expect that your cat buddy will still try to share that spicy viand with you.

What happens to a cat after eating spicy food?

We all know that spicy food has other side effects to us when taken. This is also the same as our beloved feline. The first time they taste that spicy taste, their eyes stream and their nose starts to run.

Other side effects are also the same as humans. They can experience gastrointestinal problems. They will have vomiting and diarrhea and somehow cause dehydration. When this happens, make your cat have access to water, it will be relieved as soon as the side effects of the chili inside the tummy pass.

Why do cats love spicy food?

As we have mentioned from our previous articles, cats have a very sensitive olfactory, then a spicy food has a very good aromatic smell. This aromatic smell attracts and tempts your cat in eating spicy food.

Usual spicy food is cooked with meat, remember our lovely feline is a carnivore. A slice of a spicy turkey, lamb, or chicken is greatly appetizing to them, this is why they wanted to try spicy food.

Lastly, spicy food brings nostalgia as if our cats are in the wild. Spicy food gives that delicious, warm, and moist texture to the meat, making them think that they’re eating from the wild.

What spicy food I can’t feed to my cat?

There are many varieties of food that can give the spicy taste. However, there are some foods that you wouldn’t like to be included in their meal. The following shouldn’t be added to their meal:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Shallot
  • Chive
  • Leek
  • jalapenos

Cats And Spicy Food

Some cats will usually blow out the spicy food from their mouth and won’t experience any side effects. In case your cat enjoyed the mild burning sensation and experienced the gastro effects for a longer time, bring it to the vet.

The vet will check and verify what’s causing the continued symptom. Once confirmed there are some oral medications that will be prescribed by your veterinarian. You need to follow these treatments that surely will help your kitty.

Can Cats Eat Spicy Food?

Spicy food has capsaicin an irritant that gives the burning sensation to human beings and animals.

Our cats can taste spicy food. Like humans, cats can get that burning sensation from spicy food. They love to try spicy food because of its aromatic effect on the food, and it gives them the nostalgic memory of eating in the wild because of the moist, heated, tender texture that spice giving to the food.

However, even though spicy food has no poisonous or dangerous side effect cats can’t eat spicy food. Some will not dare to swallow it by blowing it out of their mouth because of its burning sensation. Then it will cause them to have a streamy eye and runny nose. While those kitties that swallowed it may experience GI issues such as vomiting and diarrhea. Keeping your cat drinking water may help ease the side effect of the burning effect of the spice. In case your cat becomes unease and didn’t get the chance to recover quickly from the spicy food, have a check-up with your vet.

You may keep your kitty away from any spicy food by keeping your spicy condiments properly in a cabinet. Make sure that it is out of reach of your kitty to avoid any accident of eating them. When eating your favorite spicy food, make sure that your kitty won’t eat it so he will not have a traumatic response to it.

You may try to experiment on adding flavorful taste in your cat’s food. Try to seek some flavorful sprinkles and vitamins from your pet store that will surely stimulate the appetitive taste bud of your kitty.

What’s your favorite spicy food? Have you tried to give your cat some spicy food? Did he taste it? How did his body react to the burning sensation? Share with us your experience! Comment it down!

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