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Can cats eat

Can Cats Eat Cucumbers? Are Cucumbers Good for Cats? (Updated)

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Can cats eat cucumbers? Really? Well, it is good to note that cats do not have a taste of sweet flavors. This is the reason why many felines hate vegetables and fruits.

But if you are a caring cat parent then you should know the importance of vitamins, fibers, and water in the diet of your furry friend.

In this text, we are going to explore more information about cucumbers and their effect on cats. Can I give my cat cucumbers? Continue reading to find out more.

Can Cats Drink Cucumber Water?

This is the truth about cucumber water. First of all cats cat eat cucumbers which contain plenty of water. Summer is here with us and the weather is too hot.

You can give your feline one or two slices of cucumbers to help get rid of thirst and keep your cat hydrated. Also, cucumbers are excellent treats for your furry friend.

If you own a furry friend hate water then consider including the cucumbers in the cat backpack when heading to the beach for relieving her when thirsty.

Besides that, the cucumber water contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that are quite ideal for your feline friend.

Can Cats Eat Cucumber?

Well, is it true? Cats can eat cucumbers. According to veterinarians’ research, there is nothing wrong when your furry friend eat one or two slices of cucumbers.

But most importantly, you have to consult with your vet before serving felines cucumber, or rather any human foods.

Many cats tend to enjoy cucumber nutrients and this is why it is even recommended to supply her with few slices.

Although cucumbers, or rather any vegetables, have nutrients, they may not supply felines as many nutrients as meat would have or as cats need.

That’s why we recommend giving her a few slices instead of substituting them into regular meals.

Cucumbers are known to contain plenty of water which can help your cat remain hydrated even during hot weather.

Apart from the high water content, almost 90%, cucumbers contain nutrients and vitamins. Also, cucumbers have molybdenum, a trace mineral that plays a part in cats’ metabolism.

Bear in mind cucumber is more refreshing than most fruits with natural sugars. Nonetheless, it’s best to take a few precautions, as we will see later in the post, before feeding this vegetable to your cat.

Additionally, a few slices of cucumber twice a week will be enough for your feline buddy. 

Besides that, it acts as an excellent occasional treat for your feline friend during the summer season. You should also note that during winter many cats will avoid eating anything that is too watery.

I hope you know the importance of water in both humans and animals. Cucumber water will also help to foster proper digestion process in the cat.

Due to the high water content, cats feeding on too many cucumbers could result in diarrhea and tummy discomfort for your four-legged friend.

Are Cucumber Plants Toxic To Cats?

I’m not going to lie to you but cucumber plants can hurt your feline friend. If you own some few plants of cucumber in the backyard garden then you need to take care of her.

Cucumber with plant

The leaves and stems of the plant can make her sneeze as well as cause irritation in the eyes when it comes into close contact.

There is nothing as bad as dealing with cat skin irritation. You need to ensure your furry friend stays away from the plant leaves and stems.

Are Cats Really Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Well, is it true? Cats are afraid of cucumbers due to their natural outlook. However, cats tend to be generally scared in case something sneak upon them.


If your cat has never seen a cucumber then expect her to be scary or wary. They tend to believe it represents a predator.

More so, the cucumbers tend to look like a snake and this can even make your furry friend start hissing.

Furthermore, if you want to know more about cat hissing then you can read our article why my cat is hissing.

Why Do Cats Hate Cucumbers And Bananas?

Cucumbers and bananas are nutritious fruits. If you want your feline friend to stay healthy then consider feeding them these fruits.

However, we recommend feeding them with a few slices. But you can also consult your veterinarian more about them.

Unfortunately, many cats typically hate eating fruits inclusive of cucumbers and bananas. This is because they do not have that tastes of sweet flavors from fruits.

You can try introducing both bananas and cucumbers slowly since quick introduction may have a negative impact like vomiting.

Also, if you want to learn more about cat vomiting, you can read our article about why my cat is throwing up.

Will Cucumbers Hurt Cats?

Never at all. Therefore, you can share slices of cucumber with your feline friend without subjecting them to possible dangers.

White Cat

This is one of the human snacks that a cat can eat without experiencing any problem. Research shows that many cats love and enjoy freshwater from cucumbers.

Generally, cucumbers are considered great for cats since it helps them remain hydrated throughout.

However, it is recommended to peel the cucumbers since the outer layer can be bad for cats. Also, slice into small pieces and put them into the bowl for easy eating.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cucumbers To Cats?

I know many cat owners are wondering what cucumbers have to do with cats since they are carnivores.

We all now carnivores depend on meat for a living but this does not imply that plant foods are bad for them.

Evolution in the animal kingdom has seen most of them rely on plant food to supplement their diet with required nutrients.


Research shows that cucumbers contain vitamin K, beta-carotene copper, potassium and manganese. These nutrients are essential for the growth and well-being of your feline friend.

Besides that, cucumber helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and also several kinds of cancer in cats.

Also, vitamin K help to improve blood clotting in cats in case of any injury and ideal for the well-being of the liver.

The low amount of calories in cucumber help overweight cats to lose weight. This is because of molybdenum which foster cat’s metabolism.


In precise, cats can eat cucumbers. The nutritional value attached to cucumbers is quite ideal for your feline friend.

We recommend you slice the cucumbers into small pieces and place them into a cat bowl for easy eating. Remember to peel the cucumber’s outer skin since it can pose some problems to your cat.

Can cats eat cucumbers? Well, I hope the information provide in the article has provide more insight into the topic.

Does your cat like to eat vegetables? Well, feel free to share with us your story in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Vegetables Can Cats Eat?

Green for cats plays an essential role in their overall body metabolism and, importantly, can get rid of some intestinal parasites by cleaning the walls of the gut. 

Orange Cat

First and foremost, cats are different, and it would be best to contact your vet before feeding your cat with a particular vegetable or, rather, any food. Nonetheless, some veggies can be a delicious snack for your cat’s meal.

These vegetables include baked carrots, steamed broccoli, green beans, pumpkin/squash, peas, green beans, and spinach.

Still, spinach might cause crystals to form in the urinary tract. Therefore, do not feed spinach to felines who have urinary or kidney problems. 

Also, wash these veggies thoroughly before feeding them to your cat.

What Vegetables Are Bad For Cats?

As much as we advocate feeding veggies to cats as snacks once in a while, some veggies can be toxic to cats. For example, onions are widely known to cause gastrointestinal problems.

Still, other veggies such as garlic, leeks, scallions, shallots, and chives are harmful to cats and damage their red blood cells. Also, do not feed felines any human food not recommended by veterinarians. Finally, indigestible foods like uncooked carrots are harmful to cats. 

Why Are Some Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

There could be a myriad of reasons why some cats are scared of cucumbers. However, the most common reason is that cucumbers look similar to snakes. Bear in mind, instinctively and genetically, felines are hard-wired to avoid snakes.

Therefore, when you sneakingly place a cucumber behind your fluffy friend, don’t be amazed when they get startled and jump off the ground to avoid the dreadful “snakes” bite.

Also, the cucumber’s skin and leaves contain some toxic chemicals and may irritate the skin and eyes. That’s why in this post, we recommend slicing the cucumbers into small pieces before feeding your cat. 

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